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Word Art by M2 Creations allows you to design a piece for your home that is guaranteed to have everyone asking, ‘Where did you get that?’  A Word Art piece is a unique and thoughtful gift that can be used for weddings, anniversaries, house warming, baby showers, or just about any occasion. Whether you choose a family name or simply a word with special meaning, Word Art is sure to impress. 

Use the tool below to create your unique Word Art piece that is sure to become the most talked about piece in your home or gift given at any party.  Have fun!


Step-by-Step Instructions
To utilize the create a word tool, follow these simple steps!
Step 1: Click add or remove a letter until the number of spaces on the screen equals the number of letters in the word you wish to spell.
Step 2: Click on either Black & White or Sepia to select the color of photographs that you would like used in your Word Art piece.
Step 3: Click on the first letter of the word you are spelling, scroll through the letter photograph options by clicking on the arrows. Click on the letter of your choice and drag it to the first space on the screen. Complete this process for each letter of your word. Continue to change letters until you find the perfect  combination of letters  for your Word Art Piece!
Step 4: When you have the completed your word, click continue. You will select your framing options on the next page. 

Word Art by M2 Creations can be reached at 701-226-0087 or email us at


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Word Art by M2 Creations offers creative and beautiful home or office decor wall art using photographic letters from nature, architecture or everyday objects that resemble letters of the alphabet. Our black and white (bw) and sepia tone photography, along with unique custom framing options make great wedding gifts, baby shower gifts, and Christmas and holiday gifts as well as offering creative gift ideas for birthdays, anniversaries, house-warming parties, and corporate gift-giving. Our quality prints are custom framed and mounted behind acid-free mats to display your custom Word Art for years to come.